Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pretty Things {Ruffles & Roses}

For my sister's birthday this Spring I embellished a tee for her. I used the Ruffled Shirt- Why Not Vertical Tutorial from one of my favorite blogs, Tea Rose Home. I even found the same $5 shirts from Target but used a coral color. Using the tutorial was a success and I love how after you wash it, it gets even more dimension and flair!

And as for the accessory I just had to try the Rose Cuff Bracelet Tutorial from another one of my favorite blogs Ruffles and Stuff. The only thing I did different was brush on some gold fabric paint to the petals for a more antique look (and for a bit of sparkle).

Now I still had a good amount left of the shirt I cut up for my sister's ruffle shirt and I just couldn't throw it away. So I went back to Target and got another coral shirt to embellish for myself. Inspired by a J. Crew ruffle tank, I came up with my own embellished tee.
I'll call it the Waterfall Ruffle Tee.
I created tons of little strips of ruffles cut on the bias and then sewed them onto the shirt where I wanted them. I varied the size of the ruffles slightly to make it more interesting. Although it wasn't the fastest project I loved how it turned out... It's just so Rufflelicious! 


The homebodies said...

Oh, I just love your Waterfall Ruffle Tee! The tiny ruffles are the perfect texture!

Crystal said...

I love the waterfall Ruffle Tee - I want one! I'd totally buy one if you made more :) Also love all the cute headbands and shoes! You're so crafty!

Tricia said...

Pilar-I love this top, along with all of your other creations. I am a new follower and love your blog. I'll be back.