Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Shoes {Martha Stewart}

Although I don't have kids yet I couldn't resist making these cute felt baby shoes with a simple pattern from the wonderful Martha. I think they are great gifts, but after I made them my husband asked me if I was going to save them for our babies, he knows me too well. They are so cute I must have some for my kids in the future... I'll just have to make more! 

This tiny pair (0-3 mo.) is made with a fuzzy heather natural colored felt. On the inside sole I used the fuzzy part facing the feet for some extra comfort. They have a velcro closure, soft side facing the feet of course. I made two periwinkle felt flowers with sparkly beads and attached those to give them that touch of beauty.
I also made a larger flower that can be attached to a headband to make a complete outfit. It's basically the same flower with another row of petals behind to give you an idea of the size. The ensemble is perfect for a photo shoot or just any special day.
These are the fabulous hot pink ones. I used an oh so girly hot pink, flower embossed felt. They are sized probably for 6 mo, so I added a black suede sole for some no slippage. The inside sole is a soft black felt. I finished them off with a shiny black button closure and a black and hot pink felt bow.
I mean what baby girl would't love these! Next I want to make some for those little baby boys, because they need to be stylish too.


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Hey, I gave you an award:
love your stuff.

A Jennuine Life said...

Visiting from The Train To Crazy - these are adorable. I love the matching flower for a headband!

Natalie said...

I've made these, too! They are adorable and so easy to make. I love your adaptations! Love your blog!

Katie said...

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! I will have to try these, too cute!!!