Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas {Holiday Treats}

Merry Christmas from Posh Pilar!
I hope you all are enjoying this Holiday season and have a wonderful Christmas. Sometimes it's  easy to get distracted from the true meaning of CHRISTmas but I hope we're able to come out of the wrapping, cooking, baking, and gifting remembering what it's all about. 

This year I decided to give my friends and co-workers some homemade holiday treats...  homemade BYU mint brownies and sugar cookies.

I wrapped them all up using one of Martha Stewarts treat box set. She is great... the boxes, paper, ribbon, and labels all come together making my life sooo much easier!

You can find the recipe for the brownies here. If you haven't heard of BYU's mint brownies they are basically famous. Since I no longer live in Provo I decided to bring back the memory. 

I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe from my mother in law. She always makes the best cookies, so last year I got her recipe. It's so tasty and they come out perfectly soft.

As a gift to you I'm sharing this wonderful recipe with you :)

Julie's Sugar Cookies
  • 1 1/2 C. Shortening
  • 2 C. Sugar
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 tsp. Vanilla
  • 4 1/2 C. Flour
  • 2 tsp. Baking powder
  • 1 tsp. Salt
Bake at 375-400 degrees for 6-8 minutes. Take them out before they look done, not browning. When you push them they don't spring up quickly.

If using cookie cutter shapes:
  • chill dough for a couple hours
  • roll out and cut into shapes
This recipe makes a lot... about 48 cookies or more. I halved the recipe this year and it still made about 30, but it depends on the size of cookies.

I decorated the cookies using Martha Stewarts royal icing recipe from her cookie cookbook. That same recipe is here except it uses merengue powder not raw eggs. I have a fear of getting sick from things and definitely don't want others to get sick, so I go with merengue powder. I finished the cookies off with of course some cutie sprinkles and sugar. 

Also this month for my ward Christmas party I baked what I like to call a "gourmet" cake. It takes some time but honestly it was so good and a hit at the party. I present to you the White Chocolate Layer Cake with Cranberry Filling.

I found the recipe at you can find it here. The cake and frosting come out so delicious and if you think you don't like white chocolate, think again. The cranberry filling has a great holiday spice to it, and the contrast of white and cranberry is so pretty when you cut into it. I was in a hurry so my pics don't really do it justice but it looked this pretty in real life.

So there you have it some holiday sweet treats! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Kasia Skirt

I have had this skirt done for a while now but due to the fact that we've moved halfway across the country I'm just now getting the chance to show y'all (that word is used a lot here). Here is probably my favorite skirt right now...

I made it using a free pattern on a great site. The instructions are a bit strange but I figured it out. I used cottons with a bit of stretch and wanted the pockets to contrast the brown/cream print so I went with navy.

To give you an idea of how it works the zipper is in the front behind the button up bib. Therefore it has pockets in the front.  The pockets are also gathered a bit so it adds a nice touch. A couple things I did differently: I did a hand blind hem instead of machine stitching the bottom and I did not create a slit.

Honestly I really love wearing it. I've received several complements on it and people ask me where I bought it so that makes me feel good (Don't worry though my head is not growing it's just my hair).

So for those of you that may give this skirt a try be sure to read through all of the instructions before and figure out the parts that aren't clear. But it's a great versatile skirt!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Felt Flower Ribbon Belt

A great belt can make an outfit. With sweater season here simple cardigans can be jazzed up with these felt flower ribbon belts. So throw on some layers and belt it!

I used this felt dahlia tutorial at Holidash. It's probably my favorite flower tutorial. I love the way they turn out... so dimensional and large. FYI I just use hot glue that way I don't have to deal with all the drama and waiting for glue to dry :) The flowers are great just on their own but I LOVE them pinned to ribbon belts.

Making ribbon belts is seriously easy and fast. All you need is ribbon and D-rings. The package usually has instructions, but if you need help visit ruffles and stuff for another great tutorialShe also shows some great flowers attached, but instead of sewing my flowers on I just pin them to the belt close to the rings. That way I can mix things up when I want.

There are tons of ribbon and felt colors, just imagine the possibilities!

Monday, November 8, 2010

1950's Vintage Style Apron

For my friend's bridal shower a few weeks ago I made her a 1950's vintage style apron. I've had this pattern for a while now (another 99 cent find) and have just been needing a reason to make it. I already have too many aprons and I knew that this friend in particular loves vintage things. She seemed to really love it when she opened it and felt so special that I made it just for her. I enjoyed making it (p.s. it was quick) and hope she enjoys it too!
Here are some photos I took really quickly before I wrapped it up...
Butterick B4087

I was drawn to the fabric for the colors and close up you notice the pattern is spoons and plates! The lining is a coordinating orange plaid. It has orange buttons for the strap closures and rick-rack on the neckline and pockets. 

I really find it to be unique, practical, and adorable. Not to mention perfect for looking fab while fixing Thanksgiving dinner or... just hanging out and looking oh so beautiful and domestic!

Friday, October 29, 2010

October Baking

Yes, I mainly blog about sewing and crafting but there are other things I enjoy like news and... baking! So I'll give you some background for this.

Before I sewed, I baked. I have been baking since I was young and as my mom and older brother like to point out, it all started with my Easy Bake Oven. I admit I was serious about that thing. I mean that light bulb could bake up some mini masterpieces!

I enjoy desserts and baking. I come from a family that knows their food and desserts. My aunt used to own a bakery and I have an uncle that owns several restaurants. Not to mention most of us have a serious sweet tooth.

October required some baking... It was my mom's birthday so I made this Nothing Bundt Cake knock off. 
I even whipped up that floral bow and rosette!

My brother and mom know the owner of the famous bundt cake store and I have always loved those cakes. Many birthdays have been celebrated with one. So when I found a recipe for a similar cake that used a cake mix jazzed up I knew I had to try it. It was delish! I have also made a knock off of their white chocolate raspberry which I prefer over chocolate (I know I'm weird I'm not a chocolate lover) but both are good. My family of course devoured it.

Then for our ward's Halloween carnival I made 2 dozen cupcakes. I made homemade devils food cupcakes with buttercream frosting. I just used what I had on hand to decorate them. Half were pumpkins...

and the other half were monster mummies.

So there you have it. A little glimpse of something else I enjoy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Add & Wear {Skirt}

My hip, fashionable mom and I are super bargain shoppers. Not gonna lie I like me some brand name clothes but most are bought on sale. Really I don't care where clothes come from as long as they're cute, a good price for what it is, and "me" :) 

My mom picked up a Zac Posen Brocade Skirt from Target for me this summer that was on sale for around $13. I was super surprised that the original price was $50. I know he's a great designer but it's Target. Since when did they start selling such expensive clothes?!? I'll forgive them though because it went on sale so much. Here it was (don't mind the girl wearing a metallic bikini top with it).
It was too short but my mom got a larger size so I could wear it lower and take out the hem.
So that was my plan to take the hem out but... it still wasn't long enough. My solution: get some coordinating fabric and add it to the bottom.
It was super easy and I think it looks like it came that way!
You may recognize the headband I'm wearing. It's my Peach Bloom Headband now available in My Etsy Shop. But back to the probably know what to do but just in case, you can find out what I did by reading more.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Anthro Necklace Knockoff

I used to work at Anthropologie so I have a special spot for that place in my heart, but I also realized how a lot of their items are so overpriced for what they are. That doesn't stop me from thinking that basically everything in the store is amazing though. I still shop there and love to get inspiration from the store.

So this summer I saw this Anthro necklace. The Potentilla Bib Necklace priced at 138 Big Bucks.

I knew I could make my own version and I already had an old grey t-shirt to use for it. So I was about to venture the task and then... I found a tutorial was already done over at She did a whole week of Anthro Necklace knock-offs and has some other great ideas. So anyways With that tutorial and my own little twists here is My Potentilla Bib Necklace.

I cut up an old tee which was probably thinner than the original so the petals curl a bit. But I like it like that and you can easily flatten them out. I played with the placement of the chain on the piece of felt so it would lay right and even did the little ditty at the closure like the original. Instead of the clasp used in the tutorial, I strung some beads and sewed them to petals to create the little detail at the closure. 

It was easy and barely spending anything feels a lot better than $138.00. Plus my sister and I really like it!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dress Design for Shabby Apple Contest

I love Shabby Apple's fashionable and modest dresses. They are hosting a contest called Dare to Design so I decided to come up with something. 

Here is my dress design for Shabby Apple dresses!

The Sketch

The Inspiration:
I was mainly inspired by one of my favorite tops that has an embroidered netting/lace neckline. So I incorporated that into a dainty and classy Springtime dress. The color choice also came from one of my favorite clothing items in my closet. Here is a look at my inspirations.

About My Dress:
The dress is a coral colored cotton, cotton blend, or cotton poplin. The neckline is the attention getter with a ruffled cream/ivory colored embroidered netting/lace. The dress has cap sleeves with a tiny gather. The waist is featured with a waistband outlined with two rows of cream/ivory cotton. The skirt is slightly gathered at the waist band, has some fullness, and flares slightly at the bottom. 

In Color
I think this dress really would be beautiful once it came to life. The neckline would be wonderful with cascades of embroidered netting/lace. It has just enough personality and is also practical. 

I had tons of fun designing this dress. Thank you Shabby Apple for hosting this contest!